This six day hunt takes you to the high mountain tops of North Eastern Nevada. Two experienced guides will help you find the trophy animal for your well deserved tag.

Nevada big game hunting



This adventure is a once in a lifetime hunt. We treat it that way by hunting eight or ten days. We dedicate extensive scouting time in the field for the hunter’s best opportunity to harvest.

NV Antelope Hunt



Hunt private and public land for numerous opportunities to view large herds of antelope. Didn’t draw? No problem, landowner vouchers are available.

Nevada mule deer hunt

trophy mule deer


Better your odds of drawing by 30-50% and participate in the “Guides Draw” with us. Rolling sage hills to high pinyon peaks in Nevada will give you great harvest opportunities.

Nevada fishing

fly fishing/Custom trips


Join us at Crittenden Reservoir, one of the most pristine reservoirs in Nevada on the infamous Winecup Gamble ranch. Elite memberships with only 60 available.

Nevada mountain lion hunt

Mountain Lion


If you are searching for an amazing adrenaline rush a Mountain Lion Hunt is exactly what you are looking for.

Experience the Winecup Gamble Ranch

Landowner Vouchers

We are the sole outfitter of one of the largest ranches in Nevada; The Winecup Gamble Ranch. The Winecup is “the” place in Nevada for ultimate big game hunts. With over 1.2 millions acres of land, let Western Wildlife guide you on this exquisite ranch with your landowner voucher!

Treat yourself with this premium hunt!


California deer hunt

Blacktail Deer (Hybrid)


The G1 late season on Dye Creek Preserve is the next blacktail hunt you need to book. This three day hunts is one of the top California deer experiences.

California hog hunt

wild boar


Join us for a day or two chasing the ultimate table fare. We provide the best opportunities to harvest; fully guided and private ranches. Book now, these hunts fill fast!

California turkey hunt



Three private ranches to harvest this majestic bird! Come hunt these ranches in the spring when the birds are in full strut and the Toms are beautiful!

California pig and turkey hunt

pig & turkey combo


Join us for a fantastic three day hunt on a private ranch to harvest a wild boar and majestic tom.

California bear hunt



Enjoy hunting this grandiose animal in remote areas of Northern California. With a robust bear population, this hunt won’t disappoint.

California and Nevada huntress hunts

she can too! Huntress hunts

Ladies, are you looking for the opportunity to get outdoors and share a great hunting experience? We offer hunts for our lady huntresses with a female guide.


Waterfowl in Alberta



If Canadian geese and duck hunts aren’t on your bucket list, it should be; the waterfowl flight and hunting are phenomenal.

Waterfowl in Argentina



Experience wing shooting like you’ll never experience anywhere else. Custom hunt packages available for waterfowl, doves, Perdiz and big game.

Maui Deer Hunt



Visit paradise and book your axis deer hunt for the opportunity to harvest up to 2 bucks and 10 does.